i remember myself recommending my friends to name our group from the our names and our favorite anime that was the most weaboo i ever did to my life i even put my friends in this line holy fuck btw it was hajenima yasanaru: ha - my name, je, ni, ma- my friends, then the yasanaru are: ya- yamato nadeshiko, sa- cardcaptor sakura, na- naruto pfft, and then the ru was from haruhi’s name because she got a long ass titled anime



12 days of snk → Day 5

A scene that made you cry: Self explanatory 


Shigatsu wa kimi no uso - Episode 01 → Scenery

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Kakeru: hey, do you know what “wall bump” is?
Naho: I don’t know…
Kakeru: I heard it’s something boys do to girls that makes their heart race
Kakeru: I think it’s done like this
Naho: y-you’re right. My heart is racing…
Kakeru: s-so it’s true




メアド交換 by いお from HQ + カレシ by Poe Backs
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Second to last for the week!  I should have Hinata’s up a couple of hours before the episode and then I’ll probably need a bit of a break.  Kenma’s bubbles were a pain in the ass to typeset and you can tell I gave up to a degree.



"By always thinking unto them, no doubt it’s love.”


tamako market artbook (part 1)


"I’m happy when you come here, even when you’re angry at me."

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【Shingeki no Kyojin】
Episode 01  TO YOU, IN 2000 YEARS

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I would like to make a film to tell children ‘it’s good to be alive’.” — Hayao Miyazaki

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